Travogal Terms and Conditions

By becoming a member of Travogal you agree to abide by the Terms and Conditions listed below. Travogal reserves the right to revise this information at any time. Travogal uses the term Member, Independent Distributor, affiliate as one and the same.

Violations of the Company Code of Ethics, Participant Agreement, or the written Policies and Procedures may be cause for cancellation of participation. Please read through these Policies and Procedures carefully to fully benefit and understand your rights and responsibilities as a Travogal Member.

Who is Travogal?

Travogal is a private members club offering discounted travel services and an affiliate marketing program.

What is your role?

As a Travogal Independent Affiliate, you are in charge of your own destiny. We will provide all the resources you need for success, but it is up to you to use these as directed.


How do I become involved with Travogal?

Access to Travogal is obtained by invitation from another Travogal Affiliate or Travogal corporate. Access to Travogal is provided with by registering as a member.


What is a membership?

Membership provides access to the Travogal travel solutions and affiliate program. These privileges and benefits are available to the Affiliate for the specified period from the date of purchase of the “Membership" stated at the time of paying the membership fees.

What happens if I do not renew the purchase of my “Membership"?

If you do NOT renew you lose access to membership benefits related to the level of membership.

Will I be notified if my membership expires?

Yes. We will send an email notifying you.

Purchase of the Travogal Membership

The person purchasing the Membership accepts that they are responsible for paying any additional fees associated with processing payment for their purchase from Travogal. This includes credit card processing fees, bank wire fees, agent fees and other fees charged by third parties used to process payment.


Travogal does not offer a refund. Travogal offers people considering purchasing a Premium or PRO Membership the opportunity to become a FREE Member first and investigate the benefits before making a purchase.

Relationship of the Member to Travogal

Members representing Travogal are known as Independent Members, and have no authority to bind the company to any obligations. The relationship between Members and Travogal is established only by this Agreement. Member is not an agent, employee or any other legal representative of Travogal or its service providers.


I will follow the highest standards of honesty and integrity in all that I do.

I will not make negative or disparaging remarks about Travogal, their officers and employees, other people, products or firms.

I will abide by all Policies and Procedures that pertain to the operation of my business.


An applicant is considered to be a duly authorized Independent Member, herein after called the Member, if Travogal accepts the completed a member Application and Agreement.

Company reserves the right to accept or reject any Member Application and Agreement form without having to assign any reason for its acceptance or rejection.

All Members are independent contractors and are neither agents nor employees of Travogal.

The Member is responsible for bearing all costs and expenses incurred in the conduct of their participation.

Maintenance of Member Account Information

It is the responsibility of each Member to update their account information such as their email address and cell phone details to ensure they can receive updates from Travogal.

These updates are also posted in the "NEWS" section of the Travogal Back Office of each Members website.

Trademarks and Marketing Materials

Members will not use the Travogal trade names and/or trademarks except to promote Travogal. In all such authorized use, Members will ensure that they represent themselves as an independent representative and that all marketing efforts are the responsibility of the Member and not the company.

Any sales and marketing materials supplied by Travogal may NOT be on sold to other parties at a profit and that any purchase of these materials from Travogal does not qualify the Member for any reward payments.

Travogal makes no warranty, express or implied, with respect to the use, efficacy or suitability for any purpose with respect to any such marketing material unless otherwise explicitly stated in writing in connection with the purchase thereof.

Domains and website addresses

Members may not use the name "Travogal" in a domain name to promote Travogal without asking permission from Travogal. This includes any extensions of this name such as "Travogal Team", "Travogal Group", etc. This is to protect the branding of Travogal and to prevent any person thinking that any other website address or domain name is representing Travogal corporately. Any Member found using the word Travogal in their domain name will be asked to remove this domain name. If the Member does not comply they will risk termination of their account.


Advertising in any form that refers to "Travogal" must be approved by the compliance department. This includes advertising in; newspapers, magazines, on flyers, letter box drops, radio, television, recorded messages on answering machines, barter card type systems and the like, any telephone directories, White Pages, Yellow Pages, local directories and the like. Members are only permitted to promote and/or advertise themselves as Independent Members of Travogal.

Members are not permitted to take advantage of Company's name and are therefore not permitted to either infer or imply that they have a direct association or affiliation with Company by promoting themselves by way of Travogal name variations.

All advertising and promotional material authorized by Company can be used by Members. No Member will be permitted to have exclusive rights to approved advertising and promotional material. Failure to comply will result in the immediate cancellation of the offending Member.


Travogal produces approved literature for use by Members. All promotional material appearing in the Members Back Office is approved for downloading to print and copying onto disc for promotional use to prospective Members however it may not be altered or added to in any way


No Member may speak for Travogal by way of an interview on radio, television or through the press, including any periodical. If approached for such purpose the Member should contact Travogal.

Compliance Approval

All submissions for compliance approval can be made by submitting the material to compliance@travogal.org

Travogal Website

On occasion, Travogal will undergo routine maintenance or experience unexpected technical problems.

Travogal will make a good-faith effort to do maintenance as quickly and conveniently as possible, and to respond to technical problems promptly. Travogal may be required to access a member's web site from time to time to provide maintenance. Travogal will not in any circumstance be responsible for problems, losses, or damages arising from loss of connectivity; errors in content due to application problems; loss of access by Members; or temporary or permanent loss of data.

Promises made by Travogal Members

When a member presents Travogal to others they should understand all aspects of the rewards program and not make any representation or promise that is not contained in this agreement or in Travogal corporate literature and promotional materials. This representation includes print media, video/audio media or any other form of advertisement/ promotion.

If a prospective Member relies on any promises made by a Travogal Member that is not stated in this Agreement and/or official company materials, and the Member fails to keep any such promise, the prospective Member shall only have recourse against the Member and not the company. If the Member has unfulfilled promises made they have the option of lodging a complaint with Travogal.

Upon receipt of such a complaint, the Company will investigate the matter as it deems necessary, and upon validation of such a complaint, impose appropriate penalties on the offending Member. Such action however will not result in any recovery of damages by the prospective Member, which the prospective Member is free to seek against the offending Member, not the Company.

Policy Changes

Members agree that Travogal may from time to time make changes to it's benefits and privileges, product and services, pricing, rewards program or to this agreement applicable to all Members. Members will be made aware of changes via email or sms to the email address or mobile phone listed in their account details as well as posting updates in the NEWS section of the Travogal Back Office of the Travogal website.

It is the responsibility of each Member to ensure the email address listed in their account is valid and that they check regularly their Back Office for the latest updates. Members agree to abide by all changes.


Members understand that the Travogal marketing plan, details of their progress in the rewards program, details of their Travogal sales team, and official company literature are proprietary information and considered trade secrets of Travogal.

Members hereby agree to not directly or indirectly disclose or use any of said confidential or proprietary information except to specifically promote the Members independent Travogal business in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement. Member further agrees that this provision shall survive the expiration or termination of this Agreement for a period of one year.


Should a Member wish to cancel their Agreement with Company the Member should notify Travogal by the help desk. Company reserves the right to cancel a member Agreement should there be any breach by the Member of the Agreement.


Member indemnifies and holds Travogal harmless against all claims made by any third party, and any related damages and expenses (including reasonable attorney's fees), arising out of or connected with the Members conduct, the Member's website or online store, the goods or service the Member offers, or any violation of this agreement by a member.

Limitation of liability

Travogal makes no warranties, express or implied, related to the "Travogal Marketing Programs", products or services supplied there under or, including but not limited to warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.

Travogal will not be liable to any Member for indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages, such as (but not limited to) loss of profits or business interruption, arising out of or connected to the use of, or inability to use, the " Travogal Marketing Programs", related services, products or marketing materials provided to any Member.

The total liability of Travogal for any and all damages arising from or connected with this Agreement, the "Travogal Marketing Program" or the services, products or marketing materials provided to any Member shall not exceed the total fees paid by the Member to Travogal during the 12-month period immediately preceding the initial occurrence of the event causing the damages.

Official Languages/Definitions

The English version of this Agreement, as maintained by Travogal is the official version and shall control over any other language version(s) which may be made available for ease of reference for some Members. As used in the Travogal materials, when the term, "sell/enroll" and words of similar import are used to describe the enrolment/ sales activities of a member, this is an abbreviated reference to the promotional activities of a member with respect to sales and it is understood that all sales are between the Company and the purchaser, not between the Member and the purchaser.

Likewise, when the term, "recruit" and words of similar import are used to describe the referral and recruiting activities of a member, this is an abbreviated reference to the team building activities of a member and it is understood that the agreement by which one becomes a member is between the Company and the recruited Member and not between the new Member and the referring Member.

Incorporation of agreements

If a member has enrolled in a "Travogal Marketing Program", the Member Agreement and Acceptable Use Policy are incorporated herein as if fully set forth.

Entire agreement

This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the parties on the subject matter hereof, and no other additional promises, representations, guarantees or agreements of any kind shall be valid concerning such subject matter unless in writing and signed by an authorized officer of Travogal.


The Travogal is not responsible for the acts of its Members under any circumstances for their wrongful and illegal activities

Applicant acknowledgement

Member acknowledges that a member has read understands and agrees to the terms set forth in this Agreement. Member understands that this Agreement is not in force until accepted.

Anti-SPAM policy


The following Acceptable use (Anti-Spam) policy sets forth what activities on the part of a Company Member will not be tolerated under any circumstances. These policies will be enforced to insure Travogal continued reputation remains as a high quality, professional company. Company will immediately terminate any Member found engaging in spamming or any illegal activity.

Their participation shall be terminated and they will be charged two hundred dollars for each reported spamming activity as a penalty and damage charge. Company will immediately contact state and federal authorities to report such activity as it is a crime in many jurisdictions to Spam.

Any Member, person or entity found spamming will have their relationship to Travogal terminated when Company receives complaints from any part of the Internet community and verifies same. All Members are required to agree and adhere to these stated conditions.

A member cannot violate any applicable local, state, federal or international law. Illegal spamming activity includes posting identical or substantially similar articles to an excessive (more than 3) number of news groups or continued posting of articles which are of topic for a newsgroup; Sending unsolicited mass (to more than 10 Members) emailing which provoke complaints from the recipients or where the recipients have not agreed, prior to such mailing to accept such emails. Unsolicited commercial advertisements will be treated as illegal Spam.

Travogal will fully co-operate with all criminal authorities to provide information as to the person that engages in spamming activity in order to obtain warrants and criminal charges against the Members responsible for spamming.

To Report any case of Spamming please contact us at spam@travogal.org